Saturday, 16 February 2008

Brainstorming (II)

To add:

- Humour
- Aesthetic provocation (this is to be incorporated as best as possible)
- ESP (Extra-sensory perception)
- Actors
- Nature & invention
- Will
- Virtual world
- Technology

Some ideas:
Found objects trail
- Travelling to various places, picking up a specific no. of objects/ or a type of object in each place, then apply imagination to create artefacts that show:
- Constructing the journey, and future, of the objects
- Communication between the objects, symbolizing how people of different cultures communicate; what's the common ground, what's different, what would it be in different situations, etc.

- What do we find of ourselves each time we experience a different world/ culture to ours?What do we share? What do we lose in the process?

This is just on a personal level; I also quite like the idea of exploring the theme of truth, ESP (not in the traditional sense) & design as well, something like:

- How valid is truth in the context of the current world/ design scene?
- Is the truth communicated in design?
- Does honesty really make the best policy/ design?
- Are designers able to be honest to themselves?
- What is the definition of truth according to designers in various situations? (Tie in with travel, aesthetic provocation etc.)
- How far/ long can a design stay true to its intended purposes?
- Is it wrong to be true? Is it wrong not to?

- What is 'truth' really? Only as true as the victors depict it to be? e.g. history

I'm looking this not in the way that ESP is traditionally defined, but rather, an 'extra sense' that contributes to creativity, and gives rise to actual creations. What is this exactly? 

Basically, this is about the phrase of "Most people see, but few observe/perceive" sort of thing: what is it that separates the predictable to the unpredictable?. mind is not very clear right now, will edit these afterwards.

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