Sunday, 17 February 2008

Definition of Entropy

en·tro·py n
1. a measure of the disorder that exists in a system
2. a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work. Symbol S
3. a measure of the random errors (noise) occurring in the transmission of signals, and from this a measure of the efficiency of transmission systems

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Brief Proposal: Entropy

Definitons of Entropy according to the Oxford American Dictionary:

"The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue"
-Antisthenes (Greek philospher, disciple of Socrates, 445-365 b.c.)

The purpose of this brief is to explore what influence the concept of entropy has on affecting our ability to unlearn. How can a gradual decline into disorder, or unpredicatability, give dimension to our ideas of learning in the form of an artifact? Can unlearning help us to learn?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Brainstorming (II)

To add:

- Humour
- Aesthetic provocation (this is to be incorporated as best as possible)
- ESP (Extra-sensory perception)
- Actors
- Nature & invention
- Will
- Virtual world
- Technology

Some ideas:
Found objects trail
- Travelling to various places, picking up a specific no. of objects/ or a type of object in each place, then apply imagination to create artefacts that show:
- Constructing the journey, and future, of the objects
- Communication between the objects, symbolizing how people of different cultures communicate; what's the common ground, what's different, what would it be in different situations, etc.

- What do we find of ourselves each time we experience a different world/ culture to ours?What do we share? What do we lose in the process?

This is just on a personal level; I also quite like the idea of exploring the theme of truth, ESP (not in the traditional sense) & design as well, something like:

- How valid is truth in the context of the current world/ design scene?
- Is the truth communicated in design?
- Does honesty really make the best policy/ design?
- Are designers able to be honest to themselves?
- What is the definition of truth according to designers in various situations? (Tie in with travel, aesthetic provocation etc.)
- How far/ long can a design stay true to its intended purposes?
- Is it wrong to be true? Is it wrong not to?

- What is 'truth' really? Only as true as the victors depict it to be? e.g. history

I'm looking this not in the way that ESP is traditionally defined, but rather, an 'extra sense' that contributes to creativity, and gives rise to actual creations. What is this exactly? 

Basically, this is about the phrase of "Most people see, but few observe/perceive" sort of thing: what is it that separates the predictable to the unpredictable?. mind is not very clear right now, will edit these afterwards.

Brainstorming Theme for Project 6

Minutes from the 15 Feb 08 at Davies St Learning Zone Pod 1.

- Traveling
- Found Objects ( Journey of the object, the life of the object, etc)
- Ecstatics Provocations
- Reinvent new religion
- Invent a short conceptual course
- Idea of 'sharing'
- Food
- Problem Solving (environmental. world, etc)
- Instead of unpacking, why not packing?
- Animals in the city
- HORSES (Dont ask me, I just type)
- What if wheel was never invented? (tied up with time machine)
- Second Life

After discussing between Lena, Sanny and Tamra during the meeting, we decided that of the many themes we come out with, 'Found objects' and 'What if wheel was never invented' were the 2 choices that appeal to us most. The idea of traveling, ecstatic provocation and the others can indirectly be tied up with the 2 themes as well.

So Rebecca and Han, do comment on it and add more themes if you like. All we need to do is to agree on 1 theme to present this Monday 18 at 1700.



Wednesday 13th February – Monday 18th February


This project requires you to invent the theme for your final team project, which will extend from Monday the 25th February to April 21st and will involve you preparing for a mini exhibition outcome. Given that this project will require you to do a lot of work over the Easter period we thought it only fair that you get a chance to name the project and inform the theme.


Working in the six new teams that you have been allocated to for the re-Union project we would like you to think of a theme and title for project 6.


You will present your choice and rationale briefly at the end (5.00 -5.30pm) of the inter-project tutorial afternoon and we will take a vote to decide on which one we run with.


The project will be assessed against the following criterion:

· Your ability to move beyond the predictable.